Beginner's Guide to Bookmarklets: Elevate Your Browsing and Coding Experience with Tips and Tricks Members Public

In this brown bag presentation, Petr delves into the world of Bookmarklets, offering insights into their powerful capabilities. Learn how to harness the potential of these browser tools to streamline your web experience and save valuable time.

Petr Vacek - Full Stack Developer
Brown Bag Video

GitHub Copilot at Salsita: An In-depth Analysis Members Public

In this presentation, weI'll debunk extremes about GitHub Copilot, exploring its real strengths and limitations. Expect insights, live demos, and a few unexpected twists. Let's dive in!

Jiří Staniševský - Chief Technical Officer
Brown Bag Video

The Intersection of Local Language Models and Personal Devices Members Public

In this brown bag video, we explore the extraordinary possibilities of running local language models on your laptop. Experience the future of AI with unparalleled privacy, cutting-edge capabilities, and unmatched efficiency. Join us as we unveil the game-changing potential of a Llama on your laptop.

Roman Vaivod - Full-Stack Developer
Brown Bag Video

Take full control of your image generation - Stable Diffusion Members Public

In this brown bag video, join Dani Lopez as he takes you on a captivating journey into the world of image generation AI. Get ready to unlock a new level of creative possibilities!

Dani Lopez - Full-Stack Tech Lead
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A Sneak Peek into Creating a Minimum Lovable Product – The Product that Users Adore Members Public

Explore the impact of Minimum Lovable Products (MLP) in this enlightening video. Craft a product users adore by balancing functionality and user experience, embracing unconventional ideas, and creating dopamine-triggering "Aha" moments. Unleash your product's full potential with irresistible charm.

Robin Palička - UX designer & UI developer at Salsita
Brown Bag Video

AI Tools at Salsita Members Public

This article provides insights into Salsita's utilization and future plans for AI tools. Learn how we harness these tools in our operations, the reasons driving their adoption, and our strategies for addressing associated concerns.

Jiří Staniševský - Chief Technical Officer
Code & Tools

Only Write Software That Helps People Get Laid Members Public

In this article, guided by the expertise of Jean-Philippe, we explore the captivating relationship between architectural elegance and software design. Watch the enlightening video presentation below to uncover the hidden connections and parallels between these two disciplines.

Jean-Philippe Lebœuf - Product Designer
Code & Tools

How We Solved our Copywriting Conundrum with ChatGPT Members Public

Learn how ChatGPT transformed our blog writing process, saving hours of editing time and producing high-quality content.

Matthew Gertner - Founder & CEO
Company Culture

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