10 Terrible User Requirements and How to Deal with Them - Video Presentation by Mark Collis

Software development does not exist in a vacuum. Every software solution exists to meet the needs of its users, whether they interact with it constantly as part of their job, or are a customer of an online shop that will use it only once but wants to enjoy the experience.

Good user requirements not only tell developers what they should be building in sufficient detail, but also explain why the functionality is needed. In contrast, badly written user requirements lead to confusion and waste. So why do we keep getting them?

During his presentation, Mark shares his thoughts on what user requirement really means, what a good user requirement should and should not include, what a bad user requirement looks like, how you can deal with it, and why every member of a development team should be prepared to take a user's point of view.

Mark thrives on creating interactive web applications which focus on meeting their users' real needs first. He draws on wider soft skills and technical experience from his earlier career as a business consultant to make an impact on all aspects of his projects. Outside of work, he enjoys running through sunlit forests and playing board games with his children.

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