15 Tweaks to Boost Your LinkedIn SSI Score and Personal Branding

LinkedIn is no longer just a platform for job hunting. Many are using it as a social selling tool as it has evolved into a space for seeking business opportunities beyond career development and recruitment.

LinkedIn has transformed into a place where you present yourself to the world; the place for your unique, personal brand. It's a great opportunity for professionals to showcase their skills and experience, and become known as experts in their field.

As a marketing manager, I always have my eyes set on the latest B2B and B2C marketing trends. I’ve known about the LinkedIn revolution since 2018 but I had neglected my presence there. Recently I decided to revive my LinkedIn activity and boost my professional profile. Here's a summary of what I did in just 15 minutes:

Read the full version of my article I posted on LinkedIn from a few weeks ago.

At that time I increased my SSI Score from 51 to 63 in just five days, and now it's 74. Apart from my own personal increase, I also helped my colleagues build up their scores and better present their personal brand in harmony with that of Salsita. So far, everyone has almost doubled their score. Many were less active on LinkedIn than I was, but I'm proud to see so many great improvements.

Check out these LinkedIn profiles of my colleagues. I can happily say they are great examples of how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and better present your personal brand: Daniel López Monterde | Zuzana Štětinová | Petr Kubát | David Kuboň | Roman Vaivod | Stepan Sojka | Tomáš Režnar | Jan Stegena | Tomas Novella.

If you have any questions, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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