A Brief Intro to Ethical Hacking - Video Presentation by Pavel Přibyl

Web app security and hacking is a complex topic and, while there’s a lot to learn, the more important thing is knowing where to begin. The first thing to realize is that all hackers aren’t out to steal personal info or leak nude celebrity photos. There’s another side to it—the ethical side.

This side is composed of white hat hackers who specialize in penetration testing to ensure the security of information systems. Ethical hacking can be overlooked by people who aren’t in the know, which is why QA Manager Pavel Přibyl put together this presentation.

During the video Pavel covers the basics, the types of attacks and how to exploit them, and why it can be dangerous. He also shares where you can practice and how to get involved with bug bounty programs.

As the head of QA Pavel enjoys imparting wisdom on his talented team, especially about developing testable apps. He's passionate about all things QA and strives to break negative stereotypes between QA and Devs. As he always says, “QA is not the enemy, QA is your friend.” Away from the keyboard he enjoys Krav Maga, wearing masks, and hanging out with Alfred.

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