A Skeptic's Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness - Video Presentation by Thomas Morris

Meditation has been around for a long time. And while many people attribute it only to religious practices, such as Buddhism or Taoism, it can provide many benefits for people in their day-to-day lives.

Before you plop yourself down and close your eyes, it’s important to know how to meditate, where to start, and what some of the expected benefits can be.

In his presentation, Full-Stack Developer Thomas Morris focuses on mindfulness and meditation while remaining skeptical towards the lesser proven factors of chakras, third eyes, and healing crystals. He goes through meditation’s origins, practices, and even shares a few apps to help get you started.

“At the end of the day, if you sit and get really quiet, you’ll notice that even this feeling of yourself that you carry is actually just another thought.” - Tom Morris

Tom hails from Corpus Christie, TX and has been living in Prague since 2018. He started as a Rails developer, but now lives in the full-stack universe, preferring TypeScript on the frontend. Outside of work he likes to think about what it means to be human and how to slow down in an increasingly connected world. He also enjoys houseplants, refactoring, and a good cup of coffee.

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