AI Sports Prediction: A Get-Rich Slow Scheme - Video Presentation by David Kubon

The field of artificial intelligence (AI) has provided us with amazing technology, but what has AI done for you lately? Maybe you’d be interested in AI if it could help you more personally. Like getting rich?

In his presentation, Full-Stack Developer David Kubon teaches you strategy formula, how to predict results using AI, and how to use a bookmaker’s published odds.

He also speaks about people’s motivation for betting and breaks down general prediction using an Artificial Neural Network (ANN).

David‘s stack wasn't full enough, so he chose to pursue a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. He's keen on seeking solutions to the unknown and keeping his code clean and tidy. When David isn’t fueling his app development with unhealthy amounts of caffeine, he’s travelling, curling, or trying to prove that gingers do have souls.


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