Animations: Bring More (E)motion into Your Apps - Video Presentation by Robin Palicka

Animations are a great way to liven up a website or application. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, depending on what you want and the skill set of your team. For example, designers prepare the animations, while the developers need to integrate them into the project as a following step.

In his presentation, UI Developer Robin Palicka explores multiple ways that animation can be implemented in HTML or CSS. He also shows the workflow from a designer’s point of view and describes how to export Adobe After Effects animations with the bodymovin plugin for a smoother handover.

Later, he discusses how developers can integrate animations into the web with Lottie Files.

Robin prefers simplicity in every aspect of app development. He lives for creative ideas and enjoys collaborating with colleagues and clients to make dreams become a reality. Out of the office you can easily find­—but not catch—him running along the river in his hometown of Ostrava or riding anything and everything that has wheels.

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