Become a Rockstar Developer in 30 Minutes - Video Presentation by Dani López

Rockstar is an esoteric programming language where the source code looks like lyrics for a rock song. Rockstar is heavily influenced by the lyrical conventions of 1980s hard rock and power ballads.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “This sounds completely pointless,” well, it is. Dylan Beattie created it mainly because he was getting tired of recruiters and hiring managers overusing the term “rockstar developer.” But it’s mainly for fun. How many programming languages can you think of that are based on the idea of compiling Whitesnake lyrics?

In his presentation, Rockstar Developer Daniel talks about the origins of Rockstar, how to write a program with it, compares it to other programming languages, and ends with a quick Q&A session.

Daniel is an inspirational Rockstar Developer with direct experience as a product owner. His unwavering drive for improvement makes him a force to be reckoned with in the programming arena. Away from his keyboard he enjoys role-playing games.


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