The Best Weekend Ever - Video Presentation by Griffin Trent

Work can be stressful. Whether you’re a nine-to-fiver or have a more atypical work schedule, we all look forward to the end of the week. But weekends can be tough to plan. Some people would rather relax and do nothing, while others need a nonstop agenda. Everyone has an ideal version of Saturday and Sunday, but how do we make it the best weekend ever?

In order to answer this question, Salsita Project Manager Griffin Trent put together the key elements you need to plan it. These simple and short exercises will allow you to clear you head and become more mindful of your environment.

Griffin also encourages taking this approach and applying it to your weekly life—both personally and professionally. So, grab a piece of paper, your favorite writing utensil, and follow along with Griffin as he shows you how to plan for the best weekend ever.

Griffin Trent is a Project Manager from Tennessee, USA who has lived in the Czech Republic since 2014. He’s interested in building efficiency for teams and perpetuating the idea that anyone can do big things, work hard, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Away from the keyboard, Griffin enjoys playing guitar, riding his bike, and listening to JJ Cale.


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