BigCommerce and Why Size Matters - Video Presentation by Filip Horky

Over the last 18 months, the e-Commerce industry has grown significantly, thanks in large part to COVID-19. To stay in business, a lot of companies have had to expand their online store or start one. One popular platform that business owners have been using is BigCommerce.

As a flexible, open SaaS platform, BigCommerce has nearly limitless possibilities for building and innovating your business and online presence. It’s similar to Shopify, but with a different UI, pricing options, and customization tools.

In his presentation, Full-Stack Developer Filip Horky discusses BigCommerce in general, what’s useful about it, what to avoid, and more.

Filip started his career as a backend PHP dev before switching to full-stack development. He loves the instantaneous results of coding and problem solving with his fellow devs. He’s currently finishing his Master’s program and, AFK, he enjoys growing exotic plants and playing squash.

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