Do Not Trust Blockchains - Video Presentation by Jan Mikula

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are hot topics these days. Since its inception in 2008, investing in Bitcoin has been like riding a roller-coaster. Its value has been known to wildly jump and decrease dramatically, sometimes all in the same week.  

So why are people buying Bitcoin? What’s the source of its value? And why is Bitcoin trying to replace current monetary systems?

In his presentation, Salsita Director of Product Jan Mikula shows why costliness is the key attribute of money and why Bitcoin may become the best store of value and even be used for day-to-day exchanges.

He also explains why other cryptocurrencies and blockchains don't make much sense but, on the other hand, how Bitcoin started this revolution of trust-less technologies that will change many industries in the near future.

Jan is a former UI developer who lives for great digital products. He believes in close collaboration between devs and designers and is a huge advocate of modern agile and lean methods. Out of the office, he plays floorball for his beloved hometown team in Jablonec.

About Salsita

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