Embed Reddit Comment Threads Right on Your Blog with Supercomments

Reddit is great for finding content that interests you. The best thing about it are the vibrant conversations that spring up around popular articles. These regularly get dozens or even hundreds of comments.

But as an author, getting a post on Reddit is a bittersweet experience. On the one hand, it can dramatically increase the size of the audience exposed to your work. On the other hand, the conversation happens somewhere else. It isn't immediately apparently to someone reading your article or blog post that there is a heated discussion about it happening out there.

That's why I wrote Supercomments. The idea is simple: embed the Reddit comment thread for a post right there on your page and let visitors interact with it directly. Because I have absolutely no design skills, I wrote it as an extension to the great Disqus commenting system, using the same user interface.

As you can see, Supercomments adds a tab to Disqus with the full Reddit comment thread. You can comment, reply, upvote and do basically anything you can do directly on Reddit. You can even collapse and expand portions of the thread, which is a feature of Disqus that is not available on reddit.com.

To see it in action, just scroll to the bottom of this page or visit the post from the above screenshot for an example that already has a bunch of comments.

Supercomments is open source. Head over to the Github page to try it out on your own site. Fair warning though, it is very much beta software and requires a certain amount of technical savvy to install. Post an issue on GitHub if you need help.

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