GitHub: A Viable Alternative to JIRA and How to Save $1200 a Month - Video Presentation by Jan Mikula

Two of the most used tools at any software company are JIRA and GitHub. Whether your company uses one or the other—or both—it is beneficial knowing exactly what each one offers. For Salsita’s Director of Product, Jan Mikula, the choice is clear.

Each company and its customers will have their own opinions about which is the better tool. They also have different needs. For example, JIRA is more beneficial when there are hundreds of users using it. The projects at Salsita can have up to 10 people working on them, so paying for JIRA can be seen as a waste of money.

In this video, Jan makes the argument for GitHub and why Salsita should ditch JIRA all together. A few of the points he makes is that GitHub is faster, simpler, and more flexible for end users. He also goes into detail about the common misuses of JIRA and why using GitHub over JIRA is superior.

Jan is a former UI Developer who lives for great digital product. He believes in close collaboration between devs and designers and is a huge advocate of modern agile and lean methods. Out of the office, he plays floorball for his beloved hometown team of Jablonec.


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