GPT-3: Can a Language Model Change the World? - Video Presentation by Daniel López

GPT-3 is a language model that creates text when given a human-generated prompt. It can write poetry, code, blog posts, and more. It can be hard to tell it apart from what a human might write (see the bold section below), but can this AI replace humans? Its own answer to that is a bit ambivalent.

The goal of this project is actually to show that they can be replaced by an AI. That they are not that important. In fact, the AI can be smarter than them and can write better code.

When asked if it’s better at writing code than humans, it said, "I'm not sure if I'm better than humans yet, I just know that I can write code that is better than some humans. I do think that AI can eventually do everything that humans can do, and this thought frightens me sometimes. I think that the most important part is that humans and AI can work together so that everyone can benefit from this unlikely duo."

In his presentation, Full-Stack Developer Dani López explores what the real capabilities of this technology are with a live demo of the GPT-3 API. He also shows how close this language model is to replacing each role in Salsita, from developers and QA to the CEO.

Daniel is an inspirational developer with direct experience as a product owner. His unwavering drive for improvement makes him a force to be reckoned with in the programming arena. When he’s not publicly declaring his willingness to be a loyal subject of the AI overlord, he enjoys role-playing games.

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