How to Deliver Software That is Proven Not to Fail - Video Presentation by Roman Vaivod

Nailing down the UX before coding is something we preach at Salsita. It saves time, reduces costs, and lessens stress for anyone involved in the project. When it does come time for writing the actual code, we already have a strong idea of what the end result should look like.

TLA+, a high-level programming language for modeling programs and systems, can help teams during this pre-development stage. TLA+ was created by Leslie Lamport, winner of the 2013 Alan Turing Award. By using this language, bugs can be found as early as the design stage before developers need to get their hands dirty.

During his presentation, Full-Stack Developer Roman Vaivod explains how TLA+ works and emphasizes why the language is needed in practice. He also takes an example of a typical messenger “jump button” and attempts to write a spec for it.

Roman Vaivod is a Full-Stack Developer from Russia and has lived in the Czech Republic since 2015. His passion to put things in order always makes him look for better ways to organize code. In his free time, he loves to be outside with his two dachshunds and acoustic guitar.

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