How to Prototype in Figma - Video Presentation by Robin Palička

Coming up with a genuine idea for your current project is a great feeling. The work’s flowing, and you can’t wait to see the result. But the time between initial idea and first clickable demo can take months. How can you fix this? Start by focusing your attention on high-fidelity prototyping.

Figma, a cloud-based design and prototyping tool, has been helping UI and UX designers do exactly this. However, the thing that sets Figma apart from similar tools like Sketch, is its collaboration capabilities.  

During his presentation, UI Developer Robin Palička guides you through layers, frames, and components and connects them to make a clickable prototype. He also shows existing UI libraries and focuses on working with prototypes from a developer’s perspective.

Robin prefers simplicity in every aspect of app development. He lives for creative ideas and enjoys collaborating with colleagues and clients to make dreams become a reality. Out of the office you can easily find—but not catch—him running along the river in his hometown of Ostrava or riding anything and everything with wheels.

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