How Your Office and Bedroom are Killing Your Productivity and Well Being - Video Presentation by Jindřich Fialka

One of the biggest factors that impacts the quality of life is the air you breathe at the office and home. Something as simple as opening a window and keeping a few houseplants can positively impact how you work, concentrate, and sleep. But how do we measure this impact?

The Greenest Company is a start-up that combines nature and technologies to create better workplaces, buildings, and cities. To improve these places, they built Space Monitors to give detailed reports about the air quality in its surrounding environment. Their other major product, Green Walls, are a creative way to bring living nature to any office with simple agricultural methods.  

During his presentation, guest speaker Jindřich Fialka, Co-Founder of The Greenest Company discusses his company’s origins, the impact air quality has on us, and what they’ve learned from their data. He also speaks about how the COVID-19 lockdown greatly affected their company and what they did to survive.

Jindřich Fialka is CEO and Lead Designer at Q Designers and Co-Founder of The Greenest Company. As a designer, his ambition is to have a positive impact on people and the world. His domain knowledge lies in product design and development, innovation, technology, and sustainability. Out of the office he’s a passionate reader of non-fiction and is fascinated by biology, physics, music, and martial arts.

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