In the Claws of Cognitive Biases - Video Presentation by Natalia Kostrzewa

At some point you have probably been guilty of demonstrating a form of cognitive bias. Most people do it without knowing, which makes it difficult to recognize this behavior when it happens.

The way a person constructs their reality can influence their behavior in the world. Therefore, cognitive biases can lead to perceptual distortion, poor judgement, or irrationality. So, how do we solve something we do subconsciously?

During her presentation, Natalia goes through a list of cognitive biases. She breaks down each one and then explains how to recognize them. She also shows how each one can be flipped to be used in your favor.

Natalia’s work involves combining UX knowledge with a cognitive science background. She strives for innovation and is passionate about diving deeply into users' minds. Outside of work she writes, sings and takes long walks admiring Prague's breath-taking scenery.

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