Is Svelte Just Another Framework? - Video Presentation by Pavel Moravec

When using modern web development frameworks, repetitive boilerplate is a wall that you're bound to run into. Svelte, a free and open-source JavaScript framework written by Rich Harris, addresses this problem nicely.

Developing with Svelte is easy, even for those who design more than they code. Engineers might appreciate it, too. Svelte will help you stay focused on your business logic rather than eating your mental capacity on animating this and refreshing that. Bundle size is as small as it can get, which is great when developing for mobile.

In this video, Salsita UI Developer Pavel Moravec explores Svelte’s pros and cons. He explains how it could potentially be used for prototyping when bundle size is important or when the project is small. Svelte isn’t as established as React or Vue yet, but the list of its users and GitHub contributors is continually growing.

Pavel Moravec is a UI Developer from the jQuery/PHP era who’s been doing his job since before there was a name for it. Though this field has completely evolved from where it started, Pavel's adapted seamlessly. When he's not making his presence felt on the UI side, he enjoys spending time with his family and drinking dangerous levels of caffeine to keep up with them.

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