Managing React State with RxJS - Video Presentation by Jiří Staniševský

Redux has been the most popular state management tool in React for many years, however there are those who find it cumbersome, verbose, and strict. These critics have tried to come up with an alternative, but they haven’t gotten enough traction to overthrow the ruling king yet.

The introduction of React hooks recently changed this situation. People got an opportunity to implement their own solution with reasonable effort. But is it enough? Can a simple Context API and hooks-based solution replace something like Redux?

In his presentation, Tech Lead Jiří Staniševský explains how his team used RxJS as the backbone of their proprietary state management mechanism to successfully replace Redux with a simpler yet comparably powerful solution. The usage of a well-known library for observables seems to have opened new doors that were once firmly closed in the Redux world.

Jiří Staniševský is a Full-Stack Developer and Tech Lead who works with TypeScript, React, React Hooks, Node JS, and other technologies. What gives him the most pleasure is creating reusable components, small libraries, and frameworks. Out of the office he enjoys spending time with his two daughters and re-watching classic episodes of The Simpsons.

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