Salsita On-Demand Webinar: How to Validate Your Startup's App Idea

Building a successful app takes hard work, a dedicated team, and leadership. But there’s one key aspect that comes first: the idea. But, before you start burning money on MVP development, you need to look at the objectives and discuss your goals.

In this webinar, Chief Strategy Officer Dan Backhaus and Marketing Manager Razi Alakhdar explain our approach to app idea success. They will start with a brief overview of Salsita Software and ask you the important questions. The webinar will also cover the objectives, challenges, and goals of UX and market research, building clickable prototypes, feasibility studies, and more.

To get a real-life example of how this has been done, check out this case study we wrote for our client, Legazey. Alfredo Sciascia, Legazey’s founder, began looking for developers to build an MVP for his social media startup. His search led him to Salsita, where we recommended marketing research and UX exploration as crucial first steps before kicking off development.

About Salsita

Salsita Software is a web and mobile app agency specializing in compelling frontend experiences. We focus on eCommerce frontends including 3D product configurators.