Salsita UX & Design Team Typography Workshop - Video Presentation by Kseniia Simakhina

Typography is a subtle art form. Most people can’t define what good typography is, but they can almost certainly recognize when it’s bad. When you see a beautifully designed website, you might not consciously appreciate the fonts, layout, or composition, but the unconscious effect can be huge. The message is important, but so is the way it’s presented.

Typography is one of the main ways people communicate and, in the UX realm, it is also a vital aspect of design. Mastering the subtle details of typography can significantly improve communication with your colleagues and readers.

In this online workshop, UX Designer Kseniia Simakhina talks about the basics of typography, its history, and how best to compose it. She also goes into detail about size, leading, kerning, and more to help you understand why this topic should be the respect it deserves.

Kseniia Simakhina is a passionate UX Designer who’s always ready for a new challenge. She’s experienced in creating e-shops, web, and mobile applications and has comprehensive knowledge of branding, typography, and visual identities. Her favorite tools include Figma, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Out of the office, she loves painting, singing, and reading any fantasy novel she can get her hands on.

About Salsita

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