Salsita On-Demand Webinar: Why Do You Need QA?

Life would be much simpler for everyone if developers wrote bug-free code. Unfortunately, that’s not possible and, on top of that, there’s much more to quality assurance than finding mistakes.

In this webinar hosted by Chief Strategy Officer Dan Backhaus, QA Lead Pavel Pribyl explains Salsita’s approach to QA and how a QA engineer validates all quality-affecting factors of the product.  He also breaks down what “quality” is and how it can be assured, when you need QA, and the QA that we offer at Salsita Software.

To get a more detailed understanding of what QA is, and our process, check out Pavel’s article, “You’re Not Taking QA Seriously Enough!” Even if you’re not looking for QA work, this webinar and accompanying article sheds light on the importance of QA and its needed involvement throughout the development process.

About Salsita

Salsita Software is a web and mobile app agency specializing in compelling frontend experiences. We focus on eCommerce frontends including 3D product configurators.