Salsita's Hottest React Hooks Library: @spicy-hooks - Video Presentation by Jiří Staniševský

React Hooks offer a wide variety of benefits such as a flatter virtual DOM tree and perfect TypeScript support, to name a couple. They have also simplified extraction to a matter of just cutting code and pasting it into a plain function, but that ease of use has come at a cost.

Convenience is beneficial for coding, however, this extraction process created a lot of one-off hooks which were left in specific projects or copy/pasted elsewhere. This is time consuming and can lead to buggy code which, along with other reasons, is why Salsita Tech Lead Jiří Staniševský started the @spicy-hooks Library.    

The @spicy-hooks Library consists of four public NPM packages that contain mainly reusable React Hooks. Jiří is hoping that @spicy-hooks will be the source of all React Hooks in the future. During his presentation, Jiří introduces this new library, the good and bad points of its maturity, and more.

Jiří is a tech lead who works with TypeScript, React, React Hooks, Node JS, and other technologies. What gives him the most pleasure is creating reusable components, small libraries, and frameworks. Out of the office he enjoys spending time with his two daughters and re-watching classic episodes of The Simpsons.

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