SAM Pattern - Redux on Steroids? - Video Presentation by Roman Vaivod

When the complexity of a project grows, it's always a challenge to keep code maintainable, scalable, and robust. This applies to front-end code as well. Many frameworks and patterns exist nowadays that try to tackle this challenge.

In Roman's presentation, he familiarizes listeners with a pattern called State-Action-Model (SAM) that introduces new programming semantics taken from computer science. He then compares it to one of today’s most widely used frameworks, Redux, together with companion libraries Redux-Saga and Redux-Observable.

Roman goes through the structure of both patterns as well as some simple examples. He also shows that once the examples become more complex, SAM offers a stronger alternative and may even simplify implementation.

Roman Vaivod is a Full-Stack Developer from Russia and has lived in the Czech Republic since 2015. His passion to put things in order always makes him look for better ways to organize code. In his free time, he loves to be outside with his two dachshunds and acoustic guitar.

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