Test [Driven] Development of React Hooks - Video Presentation by Jiří Staniševský

Automated unit tests are a vital part of software development. They are built to ensure software works as expected, give software developers the confidence needed to ship code to production, and encourage devs to think about software design. They should also make software easier to maintain and refactor.

Test-Driven Development (TDD) is an approach to automated software testing that involves writing a failing test before writing the production code to make it pass. TDD helps you develop a robust test suite to catch bugs, as well as guides you to write more modular, flexible code.

In his presentation, Salsita Tech Lead Jiří Staniševský explains his own approach to TDD, gives a real-time demo of it, and speaks about the React testing library he chose and the way he uses it for testing React hooks.

Jiří is a tech lead who works with TypeScript, React, React Hooks, Node JS, and other technologies. What gives him the most pleasure is creating reusable components, small libraries, and frameworks. Out of the office he enjoys spending time with his two daughters and re-watching classic episodes of The Simpsons.

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