Things I Learned Managing a 250GB PostgreSQL Database - Video Presentation by Adam Petrovic

After working on a project for a year and a half and watching the database balloon to a few hundred GBs, issues such as slow queries and timed out requests started to add up. On top of that, the hardware price and performance wasn't what it should have been. So, what to do?

During his presentation, Full-Stack Developer Adam Petrovic discusses the initial problems with the project and how he overcame them with just a small team. He also goes into detail about optimizing the database and keeping up with requirements without getting slowed down.

Adam is a battle-tested developer who has more than a decade of JavaScript programming under his belt. He loves the entirety of the JavaScript ecosystem and how you can do anything with it, from robotics to enterprise apps. Outside of this office, he loves hiking and optimizing daily tasks.

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