WEBINAR: Speed Up Your Product Development with Shape Up

Smart software agencies are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. One way to achieve this is by having a sound team who knows how to speed up product development without sacrificing quality and design.

At Salsita Software we’ve been doing just this. By incorporating Basecamp’s Shape Up Method into our approach, we’ve seen fast and effective change across the board. For those unfamiliar with Shape Up, we recently hosted a live webinar which goes into detail about this product development process and how you can utilize it at your business.

During the webinar, Salsita Director of Product Jan Mikula takes a deep dive into Shape Up, shows how to connect it with Design Sprint, and explains which Shape Up principles to follow. There is also an extended Q&A session afterwards.

Jan is a former UI developer who lives for great digital product. He believes in close collaboration between devs and designers and is a huge advocate of modern agile and lean methods like Shape Up. Out of the office, he plays floorball for his beloved hometown team of Jablonec.

About Salsita

Salsita Software is a web and mobile app agency specializing in compelling frontend experiences. We focus on eCommerce frontends including 3D product configurators.