Why Building Materials and Construction Companies Need a 3D Product Configurator

While many businesses have used 3D product configurator software for years, most Building Materials and Construction Companies are still not utilizing this tool and are missing out on its benefits. A well-designed 3D product configurator can help simplify the ordering process for customers and improve conversion rates. It also provides an opportunity to capture customer data that can then be used for other marketing efforts.

3D product configurator software increases sales by presenting customers with different options for customizing products while offering price management benefits.

To understand how valuable these features can be, here are 8 benefits of using 3D product configurator software.

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1. Interactive 3D Visualization

Through a friendly user interface, customers can see how the product changes as they add or subtract elements, increase the size, or change the color, all via a real-time 3D visualization. 3D visualization enables customers to see their creation from every angle with the confidence that the end product will look and behave just like the one they're customizing.

2. Access Products from Every Device

One of the best things about a 3D product configurator is that you can access it using desktop computers and mobile devices, tablets, and smart kiosks at trade shows. This increased mobility helps sales reps close sales by showing potential customers their product and allowing them to configure it themselves and place an order on the spot.

3. Seamless Integration with Third-Party Software

Modern configurators can be integrated with third-party systems like ERPs, CRMs, and CMSs. These integrations extend the product configurator's functionalities and enable businesses to create sales opportunities, collect data, and keep track of orders. Plus, you can integrate the configurator with a database to store specific configuration parameters and customer information.

4. Cut Costs

Thanks to product configurator software, salespeople in the building materials and construction sector will finally have their hands free to deal with strategic selling, reducing the number of hours your sales reps spend daily dealing with transactional calls.

Similarly, a 3D configurator reduces the number of CAD drawings a sales rep will need to show a customer to sell effectively. Lastly, for manufacturers, mass customization enables an accurate, clear list of instructions that the factory can follow to speed production.

5. Reduced Order Cycle Times

CPQ software like a configurator can significantly reduce the time it takes customers to go from configuration to pricing and then to quoting. Configurator software can be a manufacturer's ally in expediting processes and pushing information to other systems to gain better insights into the order process. With a configurator, a sales rep can show multiple configurations in seconds to quickly recommend to their customers the best options available.

6. Simplified Processes

Since most factory processes are separated, data silos are one of the biggest challenges to face. A CPQ solution provides a wide range of industries with the ability to automate product design, pricing, and ordering. Plus, with a configurator, you can train sales reps to offer guided selling solutions across different channels and simplify processes across construction sites to deploy a system that unlocks insights and patterns.

7. Fewer Quote Errors

3D product configurators create made-to-order products that contain detailed information about your customers' requirements. This can help coordinate manufacturing and sales processes to make communication between different departments easier, reducing the chance of errors. A 3D configurator can offer automated feasibility checks to rule out product defects and provide individual support to customers to help them make better decisions.

8. More Cross-Selling and Upselling Opportunities

With a configurator, customers can put together large orders with ease. For salespeople, configuration presents cross-selling and upselling opportunities because extra customization options will have an extra fee. Another advantage that product configurators bring is that salespeople can quickly get to know their customers' needs, preferences, and available budget the customer has available.

L' Atelier Paris Haute Design - Case Study

L’Atelier Paris Haute Design, LLC designs, manufactures, and sells custom, high-end French ranges, cabinets, appliances, and entire kitchens.

Since appreciation of the finer things in life extends well beyond the physical reach of their four showrooms, L’Atelier decided to take to the internet to reach this untapped market. This presented some unique challenges, however. Since the products on offer are custom-built by hand to exacting specifications, they are also highly customizable, offering virtually unlimited options in terms of size, configuration, colors, finishes, and more.


This was a tall order indeed. Finding a digital solutions partner able to combine L'Atelier's luxurious design and aesthetics with intuitive user experience design and the engineering muscle needed to bring it to life seemed like an insurmountable challenge. L’Atelier de Paris found Salsita Software, a unique solutions provider leveraging our 3D Product Configurator Framework as a powerful foundation, the engineering team, in conjunction with our UX and design professionals, then went to work bringing the vision of L’Atelier to life.

Configure your own range - Le Provençal Range

The reaction to the new configurator has been universally positive, from prospective customers, kitchen designers, as well as the team at L'Atelier, whose sales staff regularly use it as a sales tool.

I’ve never experienced the delivery team living up to the sales team’s hype, but in Salsita’s case, they actually exceeded it. - Ricardo Moraes, L’Atelier Paris

Since the initial launch in late July of 2021, L’Atelier de Paris Haute Design has seen the engagement rate on their website increase dramatically as hundreds of prospective clients have accessed it to configure their dream kitchen. Giving customers the ability to design their dream products uniquely tailored to their needs also provides a powerful competitive advantage that drives sales. Research shows that this leads to higher conversion rates and increases average transaction size.

Read the full case study here: L’Atelier Paris - Making an ultra-luxe product fully configurable online

Develop a Custom-Built 3D Product Configurator with Salsita

Salsita 3D Configurator is extremely flexible and decouples the product configuration and pricing backend from the frontend UX, which gives us control over the process flow, UI design, and overall UX.

Salsita has been in the configurator space for a couple of years now. We have case studies and articles to read or webinars and videos to watch. But, honestly, the best way to find out what we can do for you is to just contact us.

We can book a demo for you and explain how we can build you a 3D product configurator that will boost your online revenues and increase customer satisfaction. We love working with emerging technologies and we don’t run from creative challenges. We have carved out a unique space with our 3D product configurator framework and we want you to be a part of it.

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