How to Minimize Slack Distractions and Maximize Productivity - Video Presentation by Razi Alakhdar

As a business communication platform, Slack allows employees within and outside of a company to share information while communicating privately and in multi-party channels. However, with real-time communication comes unwanted distractions. So, how do we minimize it?

There are a lot of little things that can be done to ensure that distractions remain minimal and your productivity remains high. The main objective is to reduce and eliminate background noise. By doing this, you can focus on high-priority work, while still remaining responsive to your business partners and colleagues.

In his latest presentation, Marketing Manager Razi Alakhdar demonstrates numerous features to keep you focused on your work. He also shares a few of his favorite Slack hacks, including customizing your sidebar, controlling notifications and reminders, and utilizing your own DM channel.

Razi is a full-service marketing expert with a background in computer science. Over the years he’s acquired the skills of a veteran marketer—advertising, content, SEO, social media, photography/video production, graphic and web design—with a strong emphasis in research. Away from the keyboard he loves watching sci-fi movies and going on road trips.

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