In Search of the Perfect Voting System - Video Presentation by Daniel López

Ah, elections. The ancient process that has the potential to change the entire future of a country—or maybe a software agency. Dozens of different electoral methods are used around the world for electing leaders... but is any of them the perfect voting system?

Last year, the Salsita management team came up with a new forum to discuss strategic issues and improve internal communication. Enter the Saucerers, an elected decision-making body designed to bolster transparency and inclusiveness. But was the choice of Single Transferable Vote for the election the right one?

In his presentation, Full-Stack Developer Daniel López takes us on a quest to find the perfect voting system, while revisiting the initial Saucerers election. Grab your registration form, tally your vote, and enjoy the journey through the trivialities of the democratic process.

Daniel is an inspirational developer with direct experience as a product owner. His unwavering drive for improvement makes him a force to be reckoned with in the programming arena. Away from his keyboard he enjoys role-playing games.

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