Just a Spoonful of Clickbait Helps Democracy Go Down - Video Presentation by Thomas Morris

The internet: the gift that keeps on giving. Instantaneous connections, real-time news updates, and more memes than we can stomach. But, behind all this glossy content is there something a bit more sinister?

All of what you see, watch, and listen to for free online often requires you to jump through a few hoops. Before you watch a video on YouTube, there’s an ad. Would you like to read this free article? Just take a few minutes to opt out of the marketing and partner-sponsored consent forms.

In this presentation, Full-Stack Developer Thomas Morris takes a deep dive into the world of micro targeting. He touches on data mining, social media political campaigns, and much, much more.

Tom hails from Corpus Christie, TX and has been living in Prague since 2018. He started as a Rails developer, but now lives in the full-stack universe, preferring TypeScript on the frontend. Outside of work he likes to think about what it means to be human and how to slow down in an increasingly connected world. He also enjoys houseplants, refactoring, and a good cup of coffee.

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