L’Atelier Paris: Phase 2 (Case Study)

With the successful launch of Phase 1 of L’Atelier’s 3D product configurator, users are one step closer to feeling like a Michelin Star chef in their own homes. The La Provençal line of kitchen ranges combine exquisite design with exceptional craftsmanship and, thanks to Salsita Software, they are completely customizable.

In order to improve our first configurator version, we conducted a series of user testing sessions. As is the case with all of our projects, we offer continuous monitoring throughout and after a project’s deployment. L’Atelier took advantage of this and asked us to tweak the configurator as feedback from customers started to roll in.

Phase 1 Tweaks

The feedback we received gave us a solid foundation on which to improve the La Provençal configurator. A common issue was that it was difficult to clearly see visual changes that occurred as users configured their range. To resolve this, we added strong highlighting for whichever elements are currently being edited or selected by the user.

Another issue that we tackled right away was refining the project summary. We improved the copy, fonts, images, and formatting, such as margins and paddings. This gives users consistency across the board when it comes to user experience. It also helps them navigate the configurator more easily.

We also noticed that in some cases users would make a change they weren't happy with and wanted to go back to the previous state. Enter the “undo” and “redo” commands. They are common features in applications that allow users to explore freely without fear of breaking something.

In order to get the most out of the space provided by the La Provençal line, customers can choose to have an additional drawer on top of any of the cabinets in the control bar, if space allows for it.

La Grande Cuisine Professionnelle

The changes that we made to the La Provençal line were also adapted for L'Atelier’s higher-end product: La Grand Cuisine Professionnelle. This line of professional kitchen ranges is “designed for the passionate home chef who seeks an unparalleled selection of cooking options and restaurant-grade power.”

The La Grande Cuisine Professionnelle collection is a bigger range with more space than the La Provençal line. It includes an additional grilling section, larger cooking elements, and new knob styles.  

The 3D configurator for La Grande Cuisine Professionnelle was released in early December 2021. The Salsita 3D Configurator team will continue to monitor user feedback, track usage, and use a data-driven approach to continually optimize the experience while also incorporating client feedback and feature requests from L’Atelier to make further enhancements.

About Salsita

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