Quality Assurance: More Than Hunting Bugs - Video Presentation by Matvey Dvorkin

For the uninitiated, Quality Assurance engineers are capable of more than just finding mistakes in developers' code. Though this is a big part of the job, the world of QA comprises multiple skill levels and talents. Only the best testers possess all of them.

A passion for testing and a deep understanding of the product being tested are essential. Maintaining the balance between quality and speed also comes in handy for any proficient tester. As for skill levels, Matvey elaborates on seven that span from non-tester (a software user who happens to stumble on a bug or two) to QA guru (a flexible tester with extensive skills and experience who can switch between languages and stack technologies).

In this video, Matvey speaks passionately about his role as a tester and delves deeply into the art of quality assurance. Watch it now to hear the rest of the story from the man himself.

Matvey Dvorkin is a QA Test Automation Engineer who’s been navigating the QA world at Salsita for almost a year. His educational background includes electrical engineering and computer science. If you’re interested in Salsita's QA services, and want to learn more about other services we offer, visit our website: salsitasoft.com.

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