Traditional Photography and Why I Prefer It - Video Presentation by Barbora Dřevíkovská

Why do people still shoot film? This query has often left Barbora Dřevíkovská with more questions than answers. Photography started as an experiment for Bara, but then took on a life of its own. Now, her love for analog serves as her passion and the catalyst for learning why people still shoot film.

In her presentation, Bara compares the pros and cons of both analog and digital photography, how she got her start, and why she prefers this old-school medium. She also offers advice for budding photographers and explains why analog should not be a pursuit of perfection.

The process of analog photography reminds me that it’s OK to slow down and take in the moment, one frame at the time.

Barbora Dřevíkovská is a QA Engineer who takes an atypical approach when it comes to investigating in-production apps. Her keen eye for hunting bugs in code and harmonizing UX doesn’t end with her QA work. Away from the keyboard she is a passionate analog photographer who fully embraces her femininity through her photos.

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